11.09.2019 - Visit the musical capital of the world

In 2020, diva consulting offers you the opportunity to enter the heart of the musical capital of the world: London. When you stroll through the British capital, it’s like walking through a musical encyclopedia. The Clash said it loud and clear: ‘London Calling’. And when it does and you walk around, you can see the sunset over Waterloo Station, like Ray Davies of the Kinks did. You can cross West End Girls, as described by Pet Shop Boys, or you can Do The Strand, like Roxy Music, led by Bryan Ferry. diva consulting will create a musical experience with one of these legendary artists, tailor made, for just a fantastic few people. More to come.

11.05.2019 - Experience is the fastest access to people's hearts

These days it is all about experience and that is good news for the event industry. People recognize fakeness immediately. They won’t settle for less than authenticity. Bartel Van Iseghem (MeetMarcel) has a clear view on the current, positive vibe within the event business and he tries to see how things will evolve in the future. According to Bartel: “These days, there’s so much expertise needed, that classic ‘me, myself and I’-structures will no longer be sustainable." The full article is available in Dutch and French on the website.

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