diva consulting is a high-end content production company, that combines tourism, entertainment and technology into memorable experiences for the international market.


The company originated in 1991 from its head office in Brussels,  at the time an event production company with extended services in artist management and live entertainment. Over the years, travel connections and capturing experiences have become a focus in developing specific formats and accompanying entertainment activities.


The aim of diva consulting is to connect people through travel experiences, artists, music and performances. Not only to share, but also to give. Therefore, we grasp the opportunity to give something back to society and make this world a better place to live in.

diva consulting ® is a registered trademark licensed to diva consulting BVBA

de Villegas de Clercampstraat 193/0201 ı 1853 Strombeek-Bever ı Belgium

phone: +32 9 255 51 00 ı vat: BE0445.233.463 ı RPR Brussels

de Villegas de Clercampstraat 193/02011853 Strombeek-BeverBelgium

phone: vat: BE0445.233.463