diva consulting is a high-end content production company that combines tourism, entertainment, and technology into memorable experiences for the international market.

May the joy and magic of this special season give you a key to every closed door and a light to dispel darkness. May your home be filled with warmth, and may your hearts spread love. Let's turn this 2020 page, write the next chapter and continue our story together. A world of possibilities awaits! Happy holidays!


It's time to stop. It's time to take a break, for the good of the world. In the meantime, we can dream for the great days to come. We're in this together. A message of hope by Visit Portugal. see video

The safety and health of our community, including our loyal customers and the people of the many destinations we represent, are always of the utmost importance to us. On March 16, we made the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily close our offices.


The Fantastic Few is the ultimate live experience for the ones looking for barefoot luxury. It is your personal access to a multi-day participation in the life of a world class artist. Just you and only a few others will enjoy a luxurious trip, visit exclusive locations, have the opportunity to network with insiders in the industry, and indulge in gastronomic specialties. Every trip, only organised once, culminates into an up-close and intimate concert of the artist.

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Checkpoint Charlie comprises the content we create.

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diva.travel turns your destination into a premium brand for a wide scope of travelers. Our team of brand architects and PR specialists represent your destination in the Benelux and reveal its authenticity and exclusivity. They are also able to connect your destination to a set of brands and thereby disclose opportunities for life-affirming experiences, for sinful indulgences, and for enriching adventures, all to the right audience.

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